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Baul Papia

Baul Papia Ghoshal is an Indian Baul singer, lyricist, poet, actor and a ine artist based simultaneously in India & Europe. She has passionately spent more than twenty years of her life with the bauls and the fakirs of rural Bengal and acuired her spiritual and musical name Papia Das Baul from her diksha guru (music & spiritual guide), the living baul legend, Purna Das Baul & Shiksha Guru, Sadhon Bairagi.  She believes the combination of painting and music to her daily life, gives her the sense of freedom and ecstasy. 

The western followers of Papia’s rustic voice of the Bengali soil inspired her to have her own baul akhra near the 5 BC civilisation of the spiritual holy Keltic forest alongside the river Vltava, in Prague, Bohemia. Papia Das Baul, regularly invites guest musicians and other bauls from India and abroad. Papia plays & dances with her ektara, (one string baul instrument) duggi, khomok, dupki (small drums) and ghungoor (ankle bells). She has achieved master’s degree in Indian music at University of Karnataka and has also done her 6th year Diploma in Indian Classical Vocal music, Rabindra Sangeet & Bengali Folk Music. She is a graduate from University of Calcutta, in Political Science, Sociology & Indian Classical Music (vocal). Later she did her further studies in Fine Arts from Merton College in London & dedicated herself to Indian art. Papia & her musicians are based in Prague to unveil the authentic raw smell of her Bengal soil in the West, which’s generally unaware of the lavour of the wild spiritual music, which is also a part of the world heritage music. The group tries to learn, survey, explore baul and folk music of Bengal. Her group travels all over India as well as in the West.

Papia Das Baul has performed in various festivals and important stages in Europe and in India like Folklorum Fest in Germany, Women in Music & Art Festival London, World Yoga Day Festival in Prague at the Indian embassy, Ayurveda Festival Prague 2018, Refu Fest, Telc Fest & Cajomir Fest Vysehrad in the Czech Republic, Chemnitz Stadfest Germany, National Museum Prague, Brandenburg Museum Germany, Museums in Plzn & Bohemia, Techno museum Ostrava, Indian Embassy’s Tagore Cultural Centre in Berlin & London & Prague, Lucerna Prague, Baul Fakir Fest in Shaktigarh Kolkata, Lalon Mela in various festivals in Bengal, Rabindra Sadan, Gothe Institutes & Sanskriti Bhavan in Kerala & Chennai, Lucknow Literature Festival, Kolkata international literary festival 2019 and many other important museums & stages in Europe and India.

Awards for contribution to art & culture:

× Medal of Franz Kaka 

× Mother Theresa International Award

× World Prize of Salvadore Dali

× European Prize for Fine Arts

× Chitranandan Award

× Rabindranath Tagore’s 150 years Anniversary Award by Karuvash

× Nandansree Award 

× Surloknandan Award

Among many more national awards…