Baul Papia Ghoshal​

Fine artist, poet, singer, dancer and an actor from Kolkata, Papia Ghoshal is a versatile  personality who has built up a prominent brand name in the international art and poetry  scenario, for her uniquely alternative style, boldness and imagination that left an eternal impact  to her followers. She is also known for her distinguished raw voice while singing traditional  Baul and other rare forms of Bengali folk songs.

Her way of life, she believes has much in common with the ancient philosophy and practices of  the Bauls of Bengal. Papia, being a bohemian by nature, chose to be based in the south of  Bohemian Prague, surrounded by the nature, where the holy Celtic Oppidum, river Vltava and  the preserved forests at Zavist Zbraslav mingle in ecstasy.

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